Sell HDB buy 2 Condo

For Singaporeans Who Are Curious About Generating Profits From Property Investing…
How Average Income HDB Home Owners Can Double Their Property Portfolio & Multiply Their HDB Into 2 Or More Private Properties Within 12 Months

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For Existing HDB Flat Owners… How to leverage on your current HDB, and own 2 private properties in Singapore within 12 months

And If You Already Own A Private Property… Learn why you should NEVER sell your private property (instead learn how to “gear” it up for higher returns)

If You’re Not A Home Owner Yet, Find Out If You Should Buy A HDB or Private Property FIRST… So you know exactly the best way to build your property portfolio

One might wonder why there are so many versions of these misconceptions when information is freely available online. But I came to realise that these policies are meant to encompass a very wide spectrum of people and multiple government agencies must come together to make it work. Information spreads across HDB, MND, MAS and CPF and I have not even mentioned anything on stamp duties and taxes which will involve IRAS. It is truly not easy to grasp the entirety of it. Be aware that everyone’s circumstances are different, so your friend’s story might not apply to you.

Buying another private property after a HDB may be financially challenging, but it is definitely legally allowed. Does owning a private property together with a HDB flat sounds reasonably attainable now? Some say yes others say no.

How To Find Undervalued Properties In Singapore That You Can Buy For Cheap… And what you need to do to INCREASE the value of these properties

Kickstart Your Property Investing Journey Now, And Learn How To Profit Passively While Scaling Up Your Property’s Returns



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